Program Philosophy

Our approach to coaching your daughters in a dedicated team setting is based on developing the entire individual person. A player who is able to successfully navigate the field, adapting to changes and learning that those same skills employed on the field will assist them in negotiating the complex world around them.  Within Dynasty Elite we want our girls to become master students of lacrosse, developing into strategic game changers on the field, while at the same time enjoying the fun of our sport. The focus of this program is to strengthen the players basic skills, fundamentals, to enable players to become a strategic team asset who can work individually and within a dynamic team unit. Consistent and sound fundamentals are the key to overall success. We also instill in our players the highest level of sportsmanship and respect for women’s lacrosse. Players will share and earn playing time and will focus on positions they enjoy playing best but will also be challenged as team players to rise to the occasion, breaking out of comfort zones, to become a well-rounded player.

Ultimately, we have created a space for players to enthusiastically improve their game.  If your daughter wants to play lacrosse in college we will teach them self-advocacy and self-empowerment through the recruiting process. We have a successful history as individual coaches in providing intimate knowledgeable support to our players being recruited that matches our ability to communicate specifically about our players to college coaches. With the formation of Dynasty Elite’s coaching staff you get a team with proven results and tremendous success in the recruitment of players. Our goal is to provide the best Elite lacrosse program in our region, each year solidifying our players commitment to Dynasty Elite that will mirror OUR commitment to OUR players.   


Program Teams & Concentrations

Dynasty elite is a balanced lacrosse program aligned with the standards expected to play at the next level. Our elite program focuses on developing player skills and teamwork while stressing the importance of academic performance to reach and excel at the college level. The club services girls starting in 4th grade. Specific focus and age level performance expectations can be found below:

Fourth grade (2027)

Fifth grade (2026)

Sixth grade (2025)

Seventh grade (2024)

Eight grade (2023)

The 4th and 5th graders will have the opportunity to travel and play in a variety of tournaments. The focus of this program is to teach the players the basic skills and fundamentals of girls' lacrosse. Players will share playing time and play all positions on the field. There is one - two practices a week and occasional games (sometimes back to back or during the week). League games begin in March and run through May.

The oldest group is primarily comprised of 6th - 8th graders in a competitive environment. The focus of this program is to teach the players the basic skills, fundamentals and sportsmanship of girls' lacrosse. Players will share and earn playing time and will begin to focus on positions that they enjoy playing best. Their practices and league games (sometimes back to back) are on the weekends. League games begin in March and run through May.

In our inaugural year our highest class of players for fall 2018 thru summer 2019 is the eighth grade class…our 2023 team. Each year going forward Dynasty Elite will be “graduating” with our 2023 class and establishing the next grade level team; therefore, in fall 2019 the introduction of our 9th grade team, fall 2020 our 10th grade team, fall 2021 our 11th grade team.  This is an exciting time as Dynasty Elite will be growing with our players. As an elite club we are keenly and intensely focused on working hard for each and everyone of our players.  


Program Player Commitment

Please note that Dynasty Elite does its best to accommodate as many athletes as possible on its teams. However, demand often exceeds the number of spots available, so cuts may occur after evaluations. Coaches consider a variety of factors when selecting a team including, but not limited to; coachability, lacrosse IQ, attitude, athleticism, position, and ability to commit to the team. 

A good practice provides players with a safe space to make mistakes.  Players should be willing to fail and feel safe taking chances as it is the only way to reach new heights. Dynasty Elite provides training year-round which enables the chemistry of each team to develop overtime encompassed by our proper instruction.  We highly encourage as much participation as possible during throughout the year. While we understand players commit to middle school teams (which is important) we also provide practice AND tournaments in our SPRING season unlike other competing club programs in our area.  We believe this spring opportunity allows for our players to acquire real game training and “in the moment” coaching before the more competitive and intense summer season. Spring practices and tournaments will be released in the winter, stay tuned!!  

Specifically, there will be one practice per week during the fall/winter season AND two practices per week during the spring/summer season.  Fall tournament schedule added in 2019.