About Us

Welcome to the home of Dynasty Elite Lacrosse Club. Thank you for your interest in joining one of the premier lacrosse experiences in the region. 

Dynasty Elite is committed to:

· providing high level comprehensive player development from the time a player first picks up a stick all the way through college recruitment

·  intense instruction balanced with fun 

· top quality, consistent coaching across all age groups and from year to year

We provide year-round playing and training opportunities in a safe, fun, yet competitive and challenging environment for girls to grow as lacrosse players and team-oriented individuals. We believe lacrosse is more than a game. The lessons your daughters will learn on the field with our dedicated coaches and within our team environment will be formidable instruments they will use on and off the field to reach their full potential. Lacrosse can be a sanctuary in which young girls develop into confident, powerful, assertive women when provided the right experience….Dynasty Elite IS that experience!

We are passionate about training our players to be great. It is incredibly fun and rewarding for us to partner with our players in setting personal goals and achieving them together. As individual coaches and an Elite club we can only measure our success by the success of our players. Hard work on the field leads to success off the field! 

Lacrosse development is a strategic process of building on skills and team concepts to master the high lacrosse IQ essential to compete at the top levels of the game. We are committed to and passionate about EVERY player who comes into our Elite program. Our approach is comprehensive and dynamic, as we embed the newest concepts into our program as our sport evolves and advances every year.  Furthermore, our coaching staff is positively oriented, fun, and emphasizes hard work and competitiveness. Finally, we lead by example, and pride ourselves on being thoughtful and respectful of how we approach everything we do with our players.